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Jacob didn’t ask for this. But when a hot hermit steps right out of 1995 and offers you a hundred grand to get him caught up with the modern world, you say yes—even if he does claim to be a vampire. Vampires aren’t real, but cash is, and Jacob’s neck-deep in student debt.


Emir is polite, soft-spoken, and severely isolated, but he’s eager to learn about what he’s missed. When he offers Jacob something more than money as payment for his help, Jacob is faced with the reality that the hot hermit may not have been lying about his diet after all—and finds himself with a new hunger of his own.


Now Jacob has a choice to make—cut and run while he still has the chance, or stay on as the vampire’s loyal pet. The smart choice is obvious, but Jacob is finding it harder and harder to resist the pull of the awkward weirdo with the quiet smile. And there’s no way Emir has anything to do with the sudden spree of murders in their quiet New England town—is there?

Turkish Delight

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