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Clover’s pack will die in their tower. She’s sure.


Reed is still missing. Rainer’s control at the Bureau runs deeper than either Clover or Elliot thought. Now, Clover’s pack may be unwilling participants in her war against the Bureau.

With the help of her pack—which Clover was ready to leave behind—she and Elliot are led back to Fisher, who forged the papers she needed to pass unnoticed into the Bureau. He should have been their ticket to success, but instead he gives them the worst possible news.

Reed is still inside the Bureau. Somewhere.


The full moon is coming closer, and while Clover struggles against the monster inside herself, not only will she and Elliot have to find Reed, but also get him—and themselves—out again in one piece.


Will her pack end up on Rainer’s radar because of her, and will she be able to overcome her hunger for revenge when the full moon comes?


Elliot might be the only thing stopping her.

The Pack (Book 2)

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