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Only slaves and corpses come out of the Bureau.


Seventeen-year-old Clover Rhodes has been told this her whole life, but when her family is taken by the Bureau, she’s forced to make a decision: follow the rules and stay hidden with her pack of werewolves, or turn away from their safety in a wild bid to rescue her parents and two younger siblings.


Elliot Montgomery, nineteen-year-old son of the Bureau Director, is next in line to lead the agency in its campaign to bring the werewolf population under strict control—and he’s the only thing standing between that control and his cutthroat brother’s plans for a werewolf genocide.


That is, until Clover Rhodes happens.


Determined to get her family back, Clover attacks Elliot in his own home and holds him hostage while posing as his slave. Using her new cover, she sneaks her way into the Bureau in search of her captured family. What she finds instead is a front row seat to the twisted exhibition of mistreatment her people suffer at the hands of the Bureau. And what she faces inside herself is the possibility that Elliot–her prisoner–is not as corrupt as she wanted him to be.

The Bureau (Book 1)

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