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With Trumbull behind them and the demons dispatched, the Haven team is sent into the deep south—to Manchac, Louisiana. Known as a tourist hot-spot for fans of spooks and hauntings, the town seems to be experiencing something a little more real than their choreographed scares. For months, the town’s children have been disappearing, only to be seen wandering the swamp in the night. And Marla is convinced these children have been possessed by the same demons from Nebraska.  


Trumbull has changed everyone. Bastian and Cole seek help from Sabin to explore their forgotten past. Luca continues to test Alistair’s patience and his trust. And Milo is not right.  


Since his miraculous healing in Trumbull, the toxins that once had Milo trapped in a haze of lust and rage have gone, but they’ve taken something else with them. Something is slipping, and his place in Haven might be slipping with it. Determined to prove himself, Milo dives into the task at hand, only to find himself questioning Marla’s plans and her motives. What he finds out may leave the team split, but Milo may also learn that sometimes you must lose what’s important in order to gain what you really need.  

Secrets I've Kept (Book 3)

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