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Elton should have known to expect a game. Tasked with putting a stop to Nathan’s latest killing spree and kept on a tight leash by his new partner, Elton is on a fresh hunt for his overly-enthusiastic nemesis.


The city of Toronto is Nathan’s playground, and every breadcrumb he leaves is as frustrating as the last, but Elton has no choice but to follow the dangerous witch’s trail—as well as keeping an eye on Cora, his cheerful stowaway and the closest thing he has to an informant. He can’t—or won’t—admit that he loves the hunt just as much as Nathan does.

His partner is inflexible, Cora is uncontrollable, and the Magistrate binding him is corrupt and self-interested. None of it matters. Elton’s target is finally in sight, always just beyond his fingertips.


But when Nathan’s game leads Elton to the doorstep of an old friend, he’s forced to face the ghosts of a past he thought he’d left behind. Trapped between a Magistrate that expects him to toe the line and a smirking witch pulling him astray, Elton will have to choose what it means to truly do the right thing.

Runaway (Book 2)

SKU: 0005
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