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Cora knew what she was getting into. Running from the Magistrate, breaking and entering, cheating their way into free stays at glamorous hotels–it’s all in a day’s work when you’re traveling with Nathan. Her skills are growing along with her confidence, and she’s eager to do her part to help the people kept under the Magistrate’s thumb.


What she didn’t–couldn’t–account for was Nikita Korshunov. The young Chaser is vicious, ruthless, and unrestrained by the usual laws of the Magistrate. He wants Nathan and Elton captured or dead, and he isn’t concerned with collateral damage.


With Korshunov on their heels, the group must try to seek out and save the couples hiding from the Magistrate and hunt down the men and women who think their money and connections can keep them from justice.

Prodigy (Book 3)

SKU: 0006
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