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Cole and Alistair are gone. 


The team is splintered, relationships are strained, and Sabin is exhausted. Still, for them to have any hope of saving their friends, Sabin must get his teammates to Montreal where Noah is waiting for him. The reunion with the man who gave him shelter before he was taken in by Haven is long overdue, and bittersweet, as they have no choice but to set out again to follow Marla’s tracks south to Antarctica, where there are dangers waiting for them that they couldn’t have imagined.  


Fairies, Viking elves, an ancient order of holy knights, and Noah’s disapproval of whatever is still brewing between Berlin and Sabin make everything more complicated. Meeting the monks who raised Berlin doesn’t help the situation, either, but offers Sabin a chance to understand why Berlin has become so fearful of black magic. 


In the end, it’s up to Berlin to decide whether he’ll cut ties with the witch once their mission is over, or if he’s willing to take this last chance to discover what might be possible between the two of them.  


They’ll just have to stop the apocalypse while they sort it out.  

Our Last Chance (Book 4)

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