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After a few “mishaps” regarding Alistair’s nightly getaways to local clubs, Marla places him on lockdown. So, when the team is sent to a small Nebraska town where a strange illness is broiling, she sends an expert along as their leader and as Alistair’s new babysitter. Unfortunately, Professor Luca Shipton might also be the man Alistair tried to pick up in the bar the night before. 


The symptoms of the mysterious illness are horrific, and the cause or path of transmission is still painfully unknown, even with their new expert on duty. Not knowing much about their new professor, or his blue-haired, leather-wearing ward, Jett, uncertainty and mistrust bubble under the surface of their mission. Locked in a quarantine, posing as college students, the Haven team has to unravel what is turning the people of the small town into walking horror movies.  


And while Alistair wards off the flirtatious advances of their new teacher, Cole finds himself torn once again between the love he has for Bastian, and what he thinks would be best for him and for the rest of his friends. The more answers they uncover, the harder the choice becomes.  

My Immovable Object (Book2)

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