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Scott Mason lives alone—but he never feels alone. Everywhere he goes, the spirits of the dead call to him for help. The threat of unwanted touch and the flood of memory and emotion that always comes with it forces him to hide behind long sleeves and gloves. He exists in fearful seclusion compounded by his schizophrenia, which keeps him separate and untrusted in his small-town community. His only comforts are the stability of his part-time work at the library and the affection of the elderly woman who took him in as a homeless teen. Life is quiet and steady and medicated, and Scott doesn’t dare to wish for anything more.


Until Finch. The vibrant, green-haired musician just moved in next door and seems determined to make friends with his reclusive neighbor.Finch is everything Scott can never be—friendly, carefree, talented, and, most importantly, he doesn’t have to worry about being accosted by the restless dead at the checkout counter. He also does something no one has ever done for Scott before—he doesn’t treat him like he’s sick.


Companionship is uncharted territory, and Scott fears he can’t keep his ghosts hidden for long. When Finch shows an interest in being more than friends, Scott will fast lose his grip on his quiet and steady world.

Left Undone

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