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Noah had always wondered about Julien’s family–but now that they’re forced to share a house while they work together to save the world, he kind of wished he’d been able to keep that mystery alive. Everything is going south, and quickly, but with Noah and his long lost friend reunited, there’s still hope. As long as they’re able to deal with demon possessions, Alfar mages, and petty sibling rivalry, that is.


Meanwhile, Trent is on a boat again. Ciaran and the rest of the fairies are heading back to Lochlannan with war on their minds, and he’s along for the ride. He’s not much use when it comes to battles between ancient immortal races–but he’s determined to do his part. When an Alfar prince enters the picture, Trent will have to choose who his real enemies are.


Working together from a world apart, Trent, Ciaran, Noah, and Julien will have to fight against an apocalypse none of them asked for–and hope they don’t lose each other in the process.

It Ends With Us (Book 4)

SKU: 0014
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