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After a run-in with Sam, the fabled Beast of Birmingham, newly-recruited werewolf hunter Alicia barely escaped to Germany with her wounded partner. Here, there is no such thing as freedom for werewolves. From the moment they’re bitten, they are tagged, filed, and monitored. It should be a hunter’s dream.


All she wants is to lay hands on Sam, the cause of her hate and the source of her nightmares, but she’s constantly held back by restrictive orders and a new partner who might be a little too soft-hearted. Revenge must take a backseat to damage control as she finds herself blocked at every turn by bureaucrats who refuse to see the looming threat in front of them.

Adam Weiss is spinning a web of insurrection just under the surface of the hunters’ control, and all of Europe will be within his reach. While David sinks deeper and deeper into his old life, Sam is just happy to be getting some exercise, and his legend is finding an international stage.


With old friends and new, unexpected allies, Weiss will show the wolves of Europe that even bears can be torn down by a pack.

Into the Bear's Den (Book 2)

SKU: 0002
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