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Cole can’t remember his past, but there are a few things he knows about his present: He was found in the New York City underground by Marla, who took him in and gave him a place at Haven—the secret government facility for young people with extraordinary powers; He has horns that he’s pretty sure he was born with; Milo, his teammate and best friend, cares deeply about him; And instead of eating food, he sustains himself on sexual energy. 


When three new boys show up from the Haven: Germany branch, the words “demon,” and “incubus” are thrown around. Bastian, stern and able to sense lies and evil, is torn between the dark aura he feels from the horned boy and his sweet, endearing personality. Captivated, Bastian is drawn deeper into the other boy’s struggle with what he might be, and what it might mean for the safety of the team. 


With Cole relying on Milo for his “meals” and Bastian entangled in a rocky relationship with another teammate, the uncanny attraction the two share only stirs the pot, threatening the balance of the entire team. And once Bastian realizes their leader is drawing connections between their foggy pasts, he begins to wonder if their destinies are more entangled than they could have ever imagined. 

Hungry For You (Book 1)

SKU: 0015
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