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Chaos brews just under the surface of Europe after Adam Weiss’s surprise attack against the Wolfjäger. The organization is in turmoil, retreating into itself for fear of total destruction. It’s more than a little frustrating for Alicia, who has less patience for bureaucracy than ever. If the council’s unwillingness to fight back wasn’t enough, there’s also the mystery of the missing Wolfjäger–there are too many outposts gone and not enough bodies. Desperate for progress, Alicia joins up with a ragtag group of equally impatient special agents, who will show the werewolves what it really feels like to be hunted.


Adam has problems even without the vigilantes’ interference. He’s keeping too many secrets, and those closest to him are losing their faith. He’s promised the werewolves their freedom, but his definition of free doesn’t seem to match David’s. Lukas has been relegated to an errand boy, and the position doesn’t sit well with him. Adam’s schemes might earn him more enemies than he expected.


Despite it all, the wheels keep turning, and no war lasts forever.

Down the Endless Road (Book 3)

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