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The Magistrate can only push so far before Nathan decides to push back. With the interception of an ominously-titled Order of Repression that threatens every witch in North America, Nathan, Elton, and Cora must decide how dedicated they are to this fight.

And when it turns out that murdering a member of the Magistrate Council won’t actually help this problem, they may have to reevaluate their strategy.


Using Thomas’s ancestral home in Salem, Massachusetts as a base, the group has the opportunity to do real good—or at least, their best version of it. With Nathan and Elton on the hunt under the guidance of a new ally and Korshunov still hot on their trail, Cora stays behind in Massachusetts to help Thomas relocate the refugees and families fleeing the Magistrate’s justice. Thomas is aloof, to say the least, but Cora is determined to be useful and to pierce the shell of the man who has given up so much in the name of helping others.


There, in a hidden cellar of a decrepit colonial house, they may find the solution they need--if they are willing to pay the price.

Disciple (Book 4)

SKU: 0007
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