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With Ciaran’s magic stripped from him by Noah’s deadly spell, there’s only one option open to the wounded fairy–return to his ancestral home of Tír na nÓg and beg for aid from the family he fled. He isn’t adjusting well to being human, and his health and memory are fading fast, but the land of the fairies has its own dangers. The trip will take Trent far outside his comfort zone and stress the limits of the couple’s burgeoning relationship. Ciaran has been keeping secrets, and one of them may be too much for Trent to accept.


Noah isn’t faring much better. Plagued by visions of memories not his own, he’s forced to rely on Julien to help find a way to undo the spell, or complete it and kill Ciaran at last. Julien is tortured by guilt, working tirelessly to track Ciaran down and cure his friend, all the while pretending he still sees Noah only as a friend. The hunter has all but run out of leads when a mysterious fairy arrives with a mission to bring Noah to Tír na nÓg for an ancient healing ritual.


Their problems seem to be solved, until the fairy reveals the catch–to restore Ciaran’s magic and his memories, Noah must die.

BecauseYou Needed Me (Book 2)

SKU: 0012
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