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Ethan Kwon is in a rut. After a successful debut graphic novel, he's been stuck with a case of writer's block that has left both him and his demanding editor frustrated. So he did what any sensible artist would do—packed up his entire life, sublet his apartment, and rented a cozy farmhouse in a small, rural town he'd hadn't heard of the week before. He's hoping the change of scenery will help him get some inspiration and some relief from his editor's phone calls.

Unfortunately for Ethan, the scenery is also part of the problem. Every guy he meets in the quaint, cozy town of Adelbury is unnervingly hot. There's Carlos, his cheerful, sweet-faced centaur landlord; Nareth, the British dark elf librarian with a charming smile; and Luke, an orc and the local mechanic, whose biceps are about to burst out of his jumpsuit.

Ethan is supposed to be focusing on his next project—but small-town living keeps him busy with pumpkin patches and town fairs, and the townsfolk themselves keep his anxiety at an all-time high. Still, he'll have to find his inspiration somewhere—and sometimes that comes from unexpected places.

At Home in Adelbury

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