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Nikita is out of time. He's reached the end of Magister Hubbard's patience and Nathan's mercy. By trying to draw his target out, he crossed a line, and he may have released a side of Nathan even more vicious than the stories told. But there can be no turning back—Nikita has been pushed to the brink, and now he's just as desperate and dangerous as his enemy.


Even Cora and Elton are unable to reach their friend or put a stop to his collateral damage, and he's very soon going to go too far in his hunt for revenge.


But with protests brewing across the country and their Councilor collaborator eager to recruit them for work, there may be more at stake than a single Chaser and his quarry. It's a lot to ask of Nathan to return to the same courtyard in Philadelphia where his story began—but if he can be moved toward a less murderous purpose, it may just mean the fulfillment of a promise he made just as long ago.


But even if Nathan turns away from his hunt, it doesn't mean Nikita will.

Apostate (Book 5)

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