Those Words I Dread (Book 1)

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An aloof loner is drawn into unwilling companionship by a caustic Irish fairy.

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When Trent Fa, misanthrope and self-induced loner, finds an injured man in his apartment, he’s ready to call the police. When the man tries to tell him that he’s not a man at all, but a fairy, Trent is ready to call a mental hospital.

Ciaran isn’t what Trent would have expected a fairy to be–he’s handsome and sly, with a thick Irish brogue and a biting wit. He says he’s on the run from a hunter of all things dangerous and supernatural, and he makes himself a hideout of Trent’s posh apartment despite the other man’s misgivings.

The two get along like a pair of bad-tempered cats, and neither of them are interested in romance. Despite having a hunter on his trail and a bad history of being used, Ciaran can’t seem to help noticing his reluctant host, and Trent is finding it more and more difficult to keep his desires closeted.

2 reviews for Those Words I Dread (Book 1)

  1. Jesse J.

    It was an amazing book with a great storyline that had me reading for hours on end, I am looking forward to finishing the entire series!

  2. Donie (Eli)

    Incredible book. It was well paced, the romance was not overly-done or felt forced and awkward in any way. I found the personality differences between Trent and Ciaren endearing, and the two had great chemistry from the start. I was worried at first that the explicit scenes would seem rushed or that they wouldn’t flow with the story well, but that wasn’t the case at all! They were written well, and I had a fun time letting my minds eye wander along with the reading. This book is a real treat and I will surely read it again and again until I can afford the other two!

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