The Beast of Birmingham

Unrepentant werewolves, secret government groups, intrigue, betrayal, and violence–it’s a hell of a good time. Sam is the worst of the worst, the fabled Beast of Birmingham, and everyone he comes across is the worse for knowing him. This series follows him and ex-Marine Alicia May, his latest victim and newest recruit for the Wolfjäger, an underground organization dedicated to the hunting and oppression of werewolves.

The Left-Hand Path

Nathaniel Moore is a myth. He’s a witch who’s kept himself young and beautiful for the last 300 years by stealing the youth of his unfortunate victims. Elton Willis, a Chaser for the Magistrate, is determined to be the man to bring Nathan to justice–but he didn’t expect his young apprentice or the vengeful lich that will force them into an uneasy partnership.

A Cage for Men and Wolves

Only slaves and corpses come out of the Bureau. Clover Rhodes, a young woman living in hiding from the brutal organization, has just faced every werewolf’s worst nightmare–her family has been taken. She’ll do whatever it takes to get them back, even if the best plan she has is to kidnap the Bureau Director’s son and force him to sneak her inside posing as his slave.

A Soul’s Worth

Warren Hayward builds impressively lifelike automatons to sell to the rich and famous of Victorian London. The catch is, they aren’t just automatons. They’re golems brought to life by witchcraft–and each one costs a human soul. Warren is trying to murder his way to the top–to become wealthy enough and influential enough to protect both himself and his secret lover, Ben, from going to prison for the crime of being gay in Victorian England.