Devil’s Gamble

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A boy led to darkness by destiny, and the young man desperate to bring him to the light.

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Caleb Durant is half demon. His mother has spent his entire life telling him that he’s the Antichrist, destined for great and evil things.

He’s mostly just trying to pass Calculus.

After being forced to move to a small country town after his principal suffers a fatal and not-entirely-unintentional accident, Caleb hopes he can at least get some solitude.

But Andras, his demonic guardian, has made a friendly wager with an angel, and Caleb’s soul is the prize.

Isaac Mitchell, the sheltered Southern Baptist tasked by an Angel of the Lord to turn Caleb toward the light, is determined to keep his new friend on the straight and narrow.

Isaac himself, however, is having some trouble remembering to keep his task and his feelings separate.

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1 review for Devil’s Gamble

  1. Sabrina

    Because Amazon is being really stupid i decided to review here. And amazon being stupid means it just won’t let me review since i haven’t gotten anything from it in roughly a year….. Anyways, back to the book itself.

    I’m going to admit, it was cliche, but like the good kind i was expecting. I loved every single damned moment of the book. I also read it in a day my roommate can testify to this, i didn’t put it down, and if i did it was to go get a drink or to prepare myself for more feelings. Speaking of feelings, that was a mother fucking rollercoaster. Trust me I work at Six Flags I know what a roller coaster feels like. The characters are so well rounded. By which I want to call tem my children because all be damned I want to protect them from further harm.

    The book is amazing. Every scene is detailed, you can tell clearly who is talking when, even when no names are really mentioned. Also Page 104 warns you of the shitstorm approaching but a happy ending does await after “Everything was looking up”. I’m not joking i wanted to scream and rave I did to my poor unknowing roommate who just wanted to play her game and talk to her online friends.

    I can’t wait to read Domesticated and have another emotional flurry hit me. Also I’m going to apologize about how rushed this seems. its 1 Am and i just finished the book after laying in bed for hours.

    10/10 would read again over and over and over like a book loving weirdo i am. Keep up the good work TSB I look forward to spending more money on it!
    ~Sabrina from San Japan 2018

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