New Stuff!

Hey everyone!

We have some announcements to make. First of all, we have a Patreon now!

Every month, we’ll be putting out short stories, deleted scenes, and extras from your favorite series, as well as sneak peeks, vlogs on writing and con life, and various other goodies as well. Take a look if you want to get some insider views and help support us at the same time!

Second! We’re now taking submissions for our upcoming podcast, Rotgut Critiques! It’s going to be read-aloud critique and reviews of submitted writing, done by Tess and Michelle over a few drinks. We hope to offer helpful critique, advice, and workshop, but we can’t promise we’ll always be polite about it. Rudeness and shit-giving is how we show love, and we definitely love all of you. So if you’re brave enough, send us your written work and you might be featured on our podcast!

Here’s the form!

Thank you guys for all your support; we look forward to another awesome year with all of you.

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