Top Five Friday: Character Types

Everybody has a type. That one (or in this case, five) type of person who they can’t help falling for. I freely admit that mine tend to fall into the same category; it’s pretty much a guarantee that I’m going to like the one who’s kind of a dick. Most of these are villains. Shocking, I know. I do have a few variants, though! Anyway, here goes!

Anime Glasses Guy

Japan is really helpful about making sure you know what a character is like at first glance.


I can tell you immediately which of these guys I’m going to like, because I can tell what kind of person they are just by their character design. The short one is going to be bubbly and cute, the tallest/biggest one is going to be quiet, and the one with glasses is going to smart and reserved and/or cold. I like that one. I haven’t even seen more than bits and pieces of Cute Earth Defense Club Love, and FFXV isn’t out yet, but I can already tell you which character is going to be my favorite. It’s the dick in the glasses.

The Scholar


Sometimes this overlaps a little with Anime Glasses Guy, but they’re not always the same kind of person. The Scholar comes in a few flavors: the scatterbrained hermit, usually some sort of mage in a tower type; the I-Don’t-Understand-Human-Emotion scientist who pushes the boundaries of ethics; the soft-spoken one who likes books better than people…there are definitely more. I like all of them.

Tough Guy with a Gooey Inside


I have such a crush on this dude it’s not even funny. The characters who are stoic and deadly but have a soft, gentle side always get me. Even better if it’s just for that one special person who they let see inside. Illya is a particularly good example because he not only has a soft spot, he gets downright nervous, and that is just adorable. Raphael from the Ninja Turtles is another example of this. He’s brash and distant, but when it comes to April, he softens up just a little and always makes sure she’s safe.

The Posh, Ruthless One


The word “unrepentant” also comes to mind here. Hans Landa was a complete and utter bastard, and Christ, did I love him. Sure, he’s a Nazi, and that’s not okay, but as a character, he’s perfect. Hannibal Lecter also belongs in this list. I love a guy who will tear your guts open and then complain that you got blood on his shirt. That’s my type. Honestly, I wanted to put a picture here of Rainer, from Michelle Kay’s upcoming werewolf-dystopian novel, but IT’S NOT OUT YET. WHY. He’s awful and amazing and I’m super jealous that he’s not mine. Keep a lookout for him.

The Lovable Rogue


Artwork by Viktopia.

Everybody loves a smartass thief, right? There are infinite examples of this type. Han Solo, Flynn Rider, Malcolm Reynolds, Peter Quill, and, of course, Zevran Arainai. Zevran has literally been hired to kill you when you first meet him, and in the ten-minute conversation you have with him bound and at your mercy, he convinced me to not only allow him to live, but to let him join my party and sleep with me. And he actually sticks by you! He’s the best! (I mean, he doesn’t have to, because it’s Dragon Age, but if he doesn’t, it’s because you treated him like shit.) Anyway, I love a cheeky bastard, and he’s one of the cheekiest and bastardiest.

Let me know who you like! What type makes you swoon, either with love or envy?

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