BoB Character Profiles: Lukas Reiniger

Lukas is only Lukas to his family. To everyone else, he’s Reiniger–the creepy blank-faced Wolfjäger who nobody wants to be partnered with. He’s a legacy, which means that his older brother is Wolfjäger, his father is Wolfjäger, his grandfather was, and on down the line for generations. Hunting werewolves is practically in his blood. The Wolfjäger are based in Cologne, Germany, and they pretty much have people in every major city in Western Europe, keeping tabs on the werewolves and making sure they don’t step out of line. It’s a fairly totalitarian organization, but they pride themselves on having kept the public reasonably safe from werewolves since the 1500s.

Reiniger happened to hear about Alicia’s story while he was in New York trying to help build a Wolfjäger base in the US, and he thought she’d be a good recruit, so he sought her out. She agreed, and he had himself a new partner, for better or worse. All of his previous partners seemed to have one reason or another for not wanting to be paired up with him. This probably has a lot to do with the fact that he’s a complete sociopath and never expresses anything beyond mild irritation.


Lukas Reiniger, laughing his ass off.

Everyone stationed with him calls him a creep and a weirdo, but that suits him just fine, since he’d rather spend his time by himself in any case, reading a book or doing a crossword puzzle maybe. He seems to get along with Alicia all right, for some reason–possibly because she refuses to treat him like the outcast everyone insists he is, and so constantly talks to him and probes into his life.


Even when it’s clearly bedtime.

He’s kind of an odd person anyway, aside from the sociopath thing. He only reads nonfiction books, either historical or political, with the exception of Goethe. He’s secretly a sucker for a Sturm und Drang drama. It’s interesting to him to read about people who have such strong and sometimes violent emotions, since he’s never known what that’s like. He primarily listens to American Blues music for the same reason, though he also keeps this information under wraps. He keeps just about all information about his personal life to himself, partly because it’s nobody else’s business and partly because nobody ever asks. Except Alicia. He actually doesn’t mind it so much, even when she asks questions that are remarkably inappropriate.


300% done talking about his sex life though.

He’s extremely meticulous about the way he looks, partly from vanity and partly from some strange sense of maintaining order. He always has his clothes tailored, and he never wears jeans. He’s a slacks and button-down guy pretty much every day, and he keeps up with the latest fashions so that he can always look modern and well put-together. It might be a way of fitting in with people he feels no connection with–a way to convince people of his humanity even when he’s not sure of it himself.


Womp womp.

Don’t feel too bad for him, though. He spends his time being a ruthless werewolf-killer instead.

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