BoB Character Profiles: Alicia May

Alicia is the first human we’ll be talking about, and she’s our hero. She’s a 28 year old from Colorado who joined the Marines shortly out of high school. She knew what she was getting into with the reputation that women Marines have, but she earned her spot in Ordnance and took no bullshit. (Even being told she couldn’t count above three.) She’s been to Afghanistan and back again, and she keeps on going, always ready for whatever comes her way.


Alicia on any given morning.

Her problems started when she was home on leave, and she met a handsome stranger in a bar. She liked his drawl and his sexy/mysterious scars, and she was soon to be shipped out again, so she let him take her back to his motel. Since it was Sam (of course it was Sam), he brutalized her so badly that she had to have plates in her legs and left her to bleed out in his motel room. This really shook her up, for obvious reasons, and she was discharged from the Marines due to her extensive injuries and fragile mental state.

That’s when the Wolfjäger found her. The clandestine werewolf-hunting organization was trying to get a foothold in the US, and trying to find Sam led them to one of his few survivors. Despite her slow mental recovery, Lukas Reiniger thought she’d make a good recruit. Once she was convinced that werewolves were actually real and this German dude wasn’t completely crazy, she agreed to join up and hunt down the Beast of Birmingham.

She’s got no time for bureaucracy, and she’s found herself part of an organization that’s made up of very little else, so she’s frequently frustrated. She’s a do or die kind of girl, and she can’t stand to be bogged down by silly things like waiting around for orders. Things don’t always go according to plan, and Alicia always says what’s on her mind, even if she’s mouthing off to one of her superiors.


She’s lost some decorum since her Marine days.

She’s an All-American girl bunked up with a bunch of Europeans who don’t understand the importance and ritual of a good stake out. In fact, her partner Lukas might be the worst possible person she could have been paired up with, since he’s the picture of stoicism.


More donuts and Red Bull for me.

She sees the trouble the werewolves cause, and she’s glad to be a Wolfjäger if it means keeping people safe from them, but she’s never going to be happy until she can corner Sam and put a bullet in his heart. She wants nothing more than to be able to face him and make sure he knows that leaving her alive was the worst mistake he ever made.


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