BoB Character Profiles: Marcia Grey

Marcy really didn’t ask for any of this. She’s just a Pre-Law college student from a wealthy family with a bit of a penchant for self-righteous rants. She grew up in a happy family with two younger sisters that she loves, and she keeps in touch with them while she does her undergrad work in Atlanta. She’s out to save the world with her Law degree–everything from indigent criminals to pollution. She’s a bit confused about how exactly she’s going to fix the world’s problems, but her heart’s in the right place. All in all, she’s a pretty standard picture of an upper-class white girl with a cause.


Practicing for her magazine covers.

As he usually is, Sam is the source of her problems. Marcy happened to be in the way when he decided to go for a late night run with David, and she nearly had her arm torn out because Sam was just too excited not to chase down and eat a young woman. It was only because David stopped him that she survived at all, but now she had an even bigger problem–she’d been bitten by a werewolf.

David took care of her while she recovered, and before she knew what was happening, she found herself run out of town because Sam was in trouble with the police, and she had no better option than to follow around the only two guys who could help her adjust to her new lifestyle.


Staying on her own wasn’t exactly an option.

She got into much more trouble than she bargained for by sticking with Sam and David, but she took to the werewolf idea with surprising grace. Turns out it’s not always such a bad thing to be told you’re going to turn into a giant monster once a month, if that also means you’re going to be stronger, faster, and better in just about every way.


Not the response Sam expected.

Becoming a werewolf can do funny things to a person, and Marcy isn’t always the sweet and happy girl she used to be. She’s learning to enjoy her new life, even if David is around every corner reminding her not to go down Sam’s road.

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